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The Trust

At the Trust we are dedicated to our vision of Increase Physical Activity For All. To do this we work over work with our local community to make sure all we deliver is creating more opportunities for more people to become involved in sport and physical activity. Not only do we work hard to make sure that our practical delivery is to the highest standards we also make sure that our staff, polices and procedures are the best quality they can be as-well.

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What We Do:

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School Sports: The Trust is committed to providing high quality P.E provision to local primary schools and has spent the last few months updating redesigning and perfecting a new programmes for the 2018/19 academic year. Designed by sports specialists all Bury FC P.E sessions promise to be delivered by well trained, educated staff. Each session works towards the guidelines set by the new national schools curriculum.

Specialist Projects: This department is the true heart of The Trust. Within this department we deliver health and inclusion projects that are designed to help and improve the local community through sport and development of life skills. We deliver projects that meet the needs of the community specifically targeting those from minority backgrounds or those who are at a disadvantage.

Grassroots:  Our ethos is that football is for and as part of The Trusts social objective is engaging young people no matter what gender, race or ability they represent. Through our Grassroots club Bury FC Boys and Girls we can achieve this. Our club is open to all and works to enhance a young persons ability to socialise positively, exercise effectively, develop transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Current Trust Stats:


Over 2,500 PARTICIPANTS involved in our projects
Over 150,000 HOURS of engagement annually
Average of 50 HOURS contact time per participant
Average of 23 PARTICIPANTS in attendance per session provided
Working with over 45 SCHOOLS across the borough
Working with over 90 DIFFERENT organisation on our projects
Working with 15 DIFFERENT funders
Working with 7 COMMERCIAL partners


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