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Extra Curriculum

Through the Premier League we are able to offer Extra Curricular sessions providing a safe and enjoyable programme for all children up to 11 years old. Supported by the Premier League The Trust is proud to be delivering the Primary Stars Programme in the Bury Area. 

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What We Offer

Our staff can deliver a variety of sports we ranging from football sessions, Street Soccer, Dodgeball, Basketball, Cricket, multi-skills among others. These clubs are an extra hour of activity for your children each day.

Each extra curriculum programme is available as a 6 or a 12 week programme to fit in with school requirements. We offer a range of sessions from Breakfast clubs to lunch time clubs to after school clubs. Our Packages are flexible and work to meet schools needs. We Tailor each package to the individual school so contact us for a package for your school. 

To get involved in these sessions contact our school sport manager. Or you can fill out our registration form to book onto the session.

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School Sessions

Breakfast Clubs – this programme is all about giving children the right start to the day. We provide structured activities for pupils of all ages in a safe and fun way. These clubs allow children to get energetic before the start of lessons and can help to improve concentration and behaviour in the classroom.

Lunch Clubs – this programme is tailored to each individual school but is based around giving children more structured activities to best use the play time they have to enhance their physical activity levels. We promote positive football behaviours at playtime, asking ‘Do you… Play the Right Way?’.

After school Clubs – this programme is based around the children having fun and enjoying a specific sport or activity to help improve children’s daily physical activity levels. Our After School Clubs are priced from £3 Per session per child per week so a six week After School Club would cost each child attending £18. Alternatively we have set prices for after school clubs that schools wish to fund and support themselves. You can now pay online for your child to attend our after school clubs at your school.

Our Coaches are fully qualified, and are all CRB checked and Emergency Aid trained. Our coaches will, adhere to school policies, follow behaviour policies, promote positive behaviour, support school ethos, follow school reward system.

All our Primary school delivery has been support and endorsed by our schools patron BJSSA.


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