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Armed Forces

Through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund and The Royal British Legion we are able to offer Football and development opportunities to ex-servicemen and women. With these sessions we are providing a opportunity for those who currently or who are ex-servicemen and women to partake sport and develop their skills.

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What We Offer

The aim of these session is to provide opportunity for those who currently or who are ex-servicemen to both take part in physical activity as well as develop and enhance their skills through things such as leadership development and volunteering opportunities.

These projects are designed to support ex-servicemen and women to be able to have the opportunity to socialise with likeminded people in a safe and supportive activity session. These sessions give the opportunity to also improve and increase on their skills set by working through things such as CV writing undertaking training and development and also doing volunteer work to make the both more employable and also to help them reconnect with the local community.

To achieve this we currently provide two main types of activities to this community, through the two different funded projects: A New Goal and Walking Football.

To get involved in these sessions contact our specialist project manager. Or you can fill out our registration form to book onto the session.

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A New Goal


Are you ex forces? Do you wan to keep active? Do you want to learn new skills? If so then we can offer something for you. 

A New Goal is made up of two parts a practical session and a theory session. The practical elements are designed to give both the opportunity to play sport with their peers and improve their physical fitness. These sessions cater for all abilities and offer the opportunity to participate with other like minded people and share their stories.

The theory element that we offer is designed to support the participants in gaining qualification and training in sports and education. We will give participants the opportunity to undertake work experience and work related skill development within the trust and our wider network of organisations.

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AF – Walking Football


Our Armed forces walking football session is designed to provide safe and enjoyable football for people associated with the forces in the local community. Walking Football is a slower version of the beautiful game, which is a minimal contact sport with one main difference to standard football – no running! It is a great way to keep fit, learn new skills, have fun and socialise all at the same time.

These sessions are heavily game focused and are based around having fun and playing recreational football. They give everyone who attends the opportunity to participate in a fun sport that can be enjoyed by all.

This is a opportunity for you to be involved in a team sport with like minded people. Some of the benefits include: keeps you fit & healthy, Reduces stress, Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease & strokes, Improves blood pressure & blood sugar levels, Improves balance & strength, Improves reaction times and Boosts self-esteem & confidence.

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